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 SEE INDY'S OFFICE! AMPAS exhibit of production design now open!

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PostSubject: SEE INDY'S OFFICE! AMPAS exhibit of production design now open!   Sun May 18, 2008 1:08 am

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences just opened a new exhibit showcasing some examples of production design set decoration. Among the films featured are THE MUMMY III, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, IRON MAN, and INDIANA JONES IV. I just saw it this afternoon, so naturally I wanted to share a little info.

The IRON MAN suit (the early concept suit in the beginning of the film) is a lot shorter than I imagined; of course, Robert Downey Junior isn't a very tall fellow.

But seeing Dr. Jones' desk was really quite a treat -- and the many, many props that were on it, including globes, phone and address books, newspapers, magnifying glasses, a large typewriter with custom stationary, and even Indy's personal checkbook! On the side was a dresser with Willie Scott's framed photo happily smiling back.

The exhibit is located on the 4th floor of the Academy, at 8949 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA. It's open M-F 9am-5pm, and on weekends from noon to 6pm.

Here's the press release about the exhibit. OH! -- and in case you were wondering where Henry Jones Junior lives, the address was listed right inside his checkbook! Naturally I had to write it down:

200 Long Neck Pointe Drive
Belford, Connecticut



PULLING BACK THE DRAPES: Set Decoration Revealed

As part of the production design team, the set decorator is primarily responsible for giving a level of physical reality to the environments chosen by a film’s director and production designer.

Whether it’s a character’s bedroom, office or secret hideaway, the space has to convey something about that character’s personality, past experience or present emotional state in just a few seconds of screen time. The set decorator makes those decisions, large and small, about furniture, fabrics, color, personal items and the plethora of objects that give the audience a window into the character’s mind or heart.

“Pulling Back the Drapes” highlights the creative work of the following artists:

Larry Dias, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – For Indiana Jones to agree to one last caper, the adventure had to be fantastic. His home library and desk on view say a lot about Indy’s past and his interests.

K.C. Fox, Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Among the many settings in this contemporary romantic comedy is an elaborate Hawaiian hotel suite, which is re-created in the Academy Gallery.

Lauri Gaffin, Iron Man – The Marvel comic book character comes to life in some stunning environments, including a re-created cave set.

Anne Kuljian, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – This installation features oversized pieces inspired by local Chinese art techniques and artifacts - all to “great” effect.

Jan Pascale, The Spiderwick Chronicles – Based on a successful series of novels for young readers, this production required unusual, and some might say haunted, environments, including a mysterious attic, re-created in a gallery alcove.

Leslie Rollins, Get Smart – A reproduction of the Chief’s office contains references to the original television series from a generation ago.

Susan Bode Tyson, Baby Mama – The main character’s bedroom is a focal point in this modern-day domestic comedy, in which a successful but childless executive hires a woman to give birth for her.
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SEE INDY'S OFFICE! AMPAS exhibit of production design now open!
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